Managing the Process of Correcting Identified Driver Risk

Insurance Value

Effective Loss Prevention Tool for Insured Fleets

Free 30-day Trial with Guaranteed Improvement in Driver Behavior

Accuscore's Automated Driver Coaching Program allows the insurer to incentivize the use of a low-cost, highly effective, low risk loss prevention tool with their insured fleets that will work with any technology that provides a simple driver scorecard.

  • Effective coverage across book of business with coaching enabled by any vendor's driver scorecards
  • Guaranteed improvement in measured driver behavior in 30 days
  • Free 30-day complete coaching cycle


Continuous Driver Behavior Correction for all Types of Safety-Conscious Fleets

Focus is placed on driver improvement by accurately understanding driving behavior

  • Identify Riskiest Drivers
  • Lower Accident Rates
  • Reduce Exposure to Risk
  • Provide Feedback to Drivers in a Continuous Improvement Program
  • Guaranteed to Improve Driver Behavior
  • Enable Driver Intervention/Coaching
  • Create Automated Driver Improvement Feedback
  • Implement Coaching programs
  • Improve Operating Efficiency and Loss History

The Science Behind Accuscore and Accucoach

We offer two approaches, Accuscore is for commercial insurers seeking underwriting insight and Accucoach is intended as an on-going effective driver behavior coaching program.


The Accuscore approach begins with the idea that risk is determined by evaluating changes in vehicle momentum. To do that properly, a continuous stream of one second interval data is collected and evaluated. Compensations are applied to the data in numerous ways to adjust for the impact of severity of events, weight of the vehicle, speed of vehicle when a g-force reading is recorded, duration of the event, duration of the trip, etc. All of these compensations are applied on the backend to every second of driving data.

The Accucoach program works with any existing driver scorecard to present a clear identification of driving risk and guaranteed improvement of driver behavior.

Learn more about the science behind Accuscore scoring

Driver Behavior

Continuous Monitoring

Being able to determine ‘how’ a driver behaves is more vital than how many miles they drive.

accuscore creates a multi-dimensional profile that accurately ranks a driver on aggressiveness, distraction, general driving tendencies, and specific risky driving events.


General Driving

Tendencies constitute all the uneventful behaviors occurring during regular driving.


Distracted Behavior

Characterized by events that unintentionally take place because the driver was distracted.


Aggressive Behavior

Caused by deliberate actions by the driver.


Risky Driving Events

The result of exceeding predefined thresholds clearly identifying the potential for accidents.

By analyzing every second of driver behavior, calculating the risk and generating a risk score, accuscore℠ is the most accurate and comprehensive scoring engine available on the market today. Some systems offer ‘events’ notifications, but even those only capture a very small sliver of the overall driving picture. To pinpoint which drivers are the most at risk, the system must catch all the driving behavior between events. Accuscore has created the world’s first continuous monitoring system to address deficiencies in what is currently being offered, resulting in the most comprehensive driver profile on the market


Accuscore has an Open Platform Across All Device Types

Accucoach with automated corrective coaching can be delivered with a variety of devices:

Smartphone App — Any Smart Phone Driver Scorecard enables an effective approach to score and correct driver behaviors.

Telematics Devices — OBD, JBus devices, eLog tablets, and FNOL devices can all generate the required driver score cards needed to enable Accucoach.

Video Solutions — Video solutions delivering driver scorecards also enable the Accucoach driver correction program.

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About Us

Accuscore is a Delaware incorporated company located in San Diego, California.  We are a data processing company committed to determining the most accurate prediction and correction of driving risk through advanced interpretation of vehicle motion.  This scoring can be delivered using either smartphones, telematics devices, or video cameras.  We do not provide the actual devices that our clients may choose to use.  We deliver value to commercial insurers through more trusted identification of driving risk and we deliver value to fleets directly by creating the foundation for a more effective loss prevention program.  Accuscore founders have been involved directly in driver risk identification and correction for over 15 years, having formerly held executive positions in major driver safety technology companies as well as having provided significant services to providers of UBI solutions in the consumer space.

Who We Are

Peter Ellegaard

Peter Ellegaard

Co-Founder / CEO
Peter provides engineering leadership and years of experience working with driver behavior technology, cellular networking, and SaaS data delivery models. Peter was formerly VP of Engineering at DriveCam and Director of Engineering with Nokia as well as having done significant contract work with major insurance companies in the area of driver behavior identification. Peter has a B.Sc. / M.Sc. EE from the University of Copenhagen.
Alan Mann

Alan Mann

Co-Founder / President
Alan provides strategic and operational leadership for Accuscore. Alan was formerly VP of Sales for DriveCam for 6 years. He has worked with hundreds of fleets through the implementation of driver improvement programs. Alan was previously in executive management positions with several technology companies, including Data General and Sun Microsystems. Alan has a bachelors degree and an MBA from the University of Arizona.

What Clients Say About Us

Ted Wu
At Planet Halo, we have integrated our video event recorders with the Accuscore scoring option. To our clients this means they can achieve a higher degree of efficiency and ease of use at managing an effective driver behavior improvement program. Log files from our cameras can first be scored by Accuscore, resulting in the most accurate identification possible of risky driving behaviors. We are then very easily able to provide on-demand access to the most relevant video events for intervention with drivers. With this combination of capabilities we are able to provide a superior safety solution to fleets and also effectively meet the requirements of forward-thinking insurance companies who wish to settle claims more efficiently, potentially provide manageable and cost-effective risk mitigation programs amongst their insureds, and provide a more meaningful basis for accurately underwriting the risk of their insured fleets.
Ted Wu
President Planet Halo
Mike Lyons
At IONFleets, we provide technology to help fleets identify and correct driving behavior. While our solutions involve video recorders/vision systems, we consider a key component to be the driver scoring available from Accuscore. We offer clients the ability to accurately determine risky drivers and risky driving behaviors purely from the fully automated interpretation of vehicle motion. This is a significant enhancement in comparison to many video-oriented driver behavior improvement programs in that extensive manpower need no longer be allocated to the extensive review of video clips. The enablement of Accuscore risk scoring provides access to significant incremental markets, incremental opportunities, and potential insurance company financial participation.
Mike Lyons
President, IONFleets
President of a San Diego construction services company
At our company we continually manage to the highest level of safety possible in all aspects of our operation. As part of this focus, we began testing the Acculitx system a year and ago, found it to be very beneficial and have subsequently installed the Accuscore system in each one of our 50 worker’s vehicles. With this program, we are able to monitor every second of driving behavior from every worker on every trip. We have found this to be an extremely effective tool to help us clearly identify risky driving behavior in our fleets and effectively be able to improve those behaviors in a simple and manageable fashion.
President of a San Diego construction services company

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